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You can now stream our new album 'War Room Stories' ahead of it's release date via your smart phone.

We've added the location of 30 posters hidden around London, Berlin and Paris to the map below. Each poster contains a QR code that when scanned will give you access to an exclusive stream of War Room Stories. Just follow these instructions to access it now.

  1. 1.Download a QR code reader, we recommend 'QR Reader' for iPhone and 'QR Code Reader' for Android
  2. 2.Click the cubes on the map to see where the posters are hidden
  3. 3.Go to the location listed and find the War Room Stories poster
  4. 4.Scan the QR code to access the exclusive album stream ahead of anyone else

We've also hidden some posters that we haven't listed around each city. If you see a poster we haven't listed add the location to the map with a picture or video and share it for the chance to win tickets to one of our upcoming shows, signed albums and more.

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